Kansas Militia

Kansas Militia

Many Missouri volunteers were in this irregular force.

On one level, creation of the Kansas Militia on August 31, 1855, was an ordinary action of a territorial legislature. [Kansas Historical Collection 3:284] The tradition of the citizen militia in America went back to colonial days. In the special circumstances of Kansas Territory, however, with only pro-slavery men appointed as officers (and all the Generals being members of the Bogus Legislature), intimidation of free-staters was clearly intended.

Fifteen legislators served in the Kansas Militia between 1855 and 1857. As in the case of those who formed the Law & Order Party, they were the core group of pro-slavery advocates.

Command Structure of the Kansas Militia August 31, 1855

Southern Division
MG A.M. Coffey (Council) BG William A. Heiskell (House) BG William Barbee (Council)
COL William C. Yager COL George W. Johnson COL S.A. Williams (House)
COL Skilman Fleming

Northern Division
MG W.P. Richardson (Council) BG F.J. Marshall (House) BG Lucien J. Eastin (Council)
COL Robert Clark COL James E. Thompson COL David M. Johnson
COL Archibald Payne (House)

Adjutant General
AG Hiram J. Strickler (Council)

Also serving in the Kansas Militia
John Stringfellow (House) O.H. Browne (House) John Forman (Council)
D.A.N. Grover (Council) Andrew McDonald (Council) John Donaldson (Council)

Charles Clark